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Potions Please is a fun and exciting set collection game that is friendly for all ages. 
-Choose your Witch
-Create potions and gain powers
-Quickest player to get 4 potions becomes Head Witch

What is Potions Please? 

 Players pick a witch with a special once per game ability. From then on, they compete to create potions by collecting ingredients, gaining powers from drinking their potions, and competing to be head witch in charge!

How to Play? 

Players collect ingredients and try to make one each of the 4 color potions. 
Turns are simple, fast and happen in four phases. 
1. Ask: One your turn you must ask another player for a card, if they
have it they must give it to you if they do not draw a card.
2. Take: On the table are 5 cards in a conveyor belt, each turn you get 5 points 
to spend the card costs goes 1 from 5. You can take as many cards as you 
have points for. After your turn, cards are refilled on conveyor belt.
3. Drink: If you have a potion at this point you will drink it and use it’s effect.
 Your witch's special ability may be played in this phase.
4. Make: If you have all the ingredients listed on one of the potions card you can make that potion and gain that card.
First Player to get one potion of each color wins!

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Potions Please Trailer and How to

Potions Please Trailer and How to

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