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2 Truths and A Lion


Ages 10+

30+ Minutes to Play

3-8+ Players


2 Truths and a Lion is the hilarious educational bluffing game where you must convince your fellow players that the facts you come up with about your animals are true. You will have an animal card with crazy fun facts and information, that can help inspire your lies, or throw players off with a crazy truth. Each turn consists of a player with an animal card whose goal is to knock out as many players as possible by having them guess incorrectly if the fact they say is a truth or a lie. The other players then earn points by correctly distinguishing if the statement the player said is a truth or a lie. This game is small, can scale to host many players, and offers a bluffing party game with an educational twist!



180 Cards

Scoring Sheets


Game Mechanics:





-Easy to Learn

-Scalable time and player count


-High player interaction

-Possibility for expansions, 

and less text-based kids editions

Painting Parlay


Ages 10+

30+ Minutes to Play

3-25 Players


Painting Parlay is an educational party game that teaches the world's greatest artists, in a fun and engaging way. Players can get points by voting if their opponents guesses are correct or wrong, leading to hilarious discussions. Created by an art teacher to play in the classroom, but fun enough to play at any party. 

Painting Parlay will be sure to be a masterpiece at your next game night. 


Game Mechanics:

- Deduction

- Matching 

- Memory



- 16 artist cards

- 48 artwork cards

- 48 artwork hint cards

- 8 voting cards

- 16 scorecards



- High player count up to 25 players in teams

-Constant player engagement and interaction

-Doesn't rely on prior knowledge but great for art lovers.


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